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Mô tả: LH: 0987.602.945 để được tư vấn, báo giá
Giá bán: Vui lòng gọi
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Ngày đăng: 07-04-2016

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CONVOY MF33 series 160~500KVA(3 phase in 3 phase out) online công nghệ IGBT, tính năng ổn định điện áp đầu ra, sóng sin chuẩn, mang đến độ tin cậy và hiệu quả cao, Phù hợp với tất cả các loại tải.

Advance Architecture
Online Double Conversion, complete isolation between load and Grid/Generator
Zero phase shift output isolation transformer based. Superior overload capacity. Minimize the neutral to earth voltage and load harmonic current to protect inverter . Powerful capacity to handle 100 % unbalanced load.
High Power Factor
High Rated Output Power Factor 0.9, deliver more real power
High input power factor 0.95 (with filter),lower pollution
Dual DSP Controlled
Fully digitally controlled by twin DSP, features with more stability and reliability
Highly Environment Adaptive
Wide input voltage tolerance(±25%)
Wide input frequency range(45~65HZ)
Superior Overload Capacity
Superior overload capacity and short circuit capacity(5s) to ensure system stability and safety under extreme harsh condition.
Advanced Battery Management
Advanced battery management technology which match the battery features to prolong the battery life.
Temperature compensation function included.
Battery discharge time assessment, periodic self detection.
Battery switch status gathering, detection and Control.
N+X Paralleling Redundancy
Up to 6 cabinets direct paralleling, no need for centralized bypass cabinet
LBS (Load Bus Synchronization) enable two independent UPS systems to form Dual Bus Architecture for higher reliability.
Highly Adapt to Generator
Power Walk In function lower down the inrush current of system start, so to minimize the requirement for generator capacity.
Intelligent Fan Speed Regulation
Automatically adjust fan speed according to inside temperature and load rate to obtain lower noise, longer fan life and less energy consumption.
DC Cold Start
Start the UPS into battery(charged) mode directly, convenient operation option for user.
Auto Restart
The UPS can be programmed to auto restart after invert shutting down when the battery reaches EOD(End of Discharging)
Modular like Design for Power Device
IGBT based SPWM inverter. Power devices built in rectifier, static switch and inverter are equipped with independent dissipaters. Combine with front access design, make installation and maintenance easier.
7 inch LCD Display
ARM controlled 7 inch TFT provides real time UPS operating status and parameters information in bilingual
Full Protection
Self-diagnose when starting
Full software and hardware protection(short circuit, inverter overheat, battery voltage low&high,surge).
Flexible Operation Mode
Normal mode, Battery mode, Bypass mode,Maintenance mode, Auto-restart mode,
Source Share mode, ECO mode, Frequency converter mode
Multiple Connectivity Choice
Standard:RS232/RS485,Optional:SNMP/JBUS/MODBUS/Dry contact card.
Flexible connectivity for real time management
Abundant Options
Harmonic filter
Bypass load sharing inductor
Class C surge protection device
Parallel cable/LBS cable
SNMP/JBUS/MODBUS/Dry Contact card
Battery Ground Fault Detector
Battery Temperature Sensor
UPS Ambient Signal Adapter